Jessica (nowcarpediem) wrote in stargateland,

Important Game Announcement/Changes

This is an announcement of changes. As you should be able to see, there are very few public posts. Everything else has been deleted, re-organized, and re-posted and added to. Also, they were made members-only posts if you can't see them yet. This is because now, you need to do a few things, along with knowing some things.

I've re-organized the entire game so that it is a lot more organized, easier to understand (hopefully), in order (wasn't really before), added challenges that are needed, updated the poll so it needs to be re-filled out if you would. I've added a ton of new posts that will be easier for people to understand things. Please check out the informational post here once you do the below things and are approved, which happens within a day.

Please, do NOT panic, I've copied and pasted all entries/comments from previous entries into my spreadsheets and notepads so that they aren't lost - so I have your entries to date.

Extra Note: Now, everyone can post in your team communities. You all have posting access. The same with the social community but only I can post in this main comm.

1. JOIN the stargateland main game comm.
2. JOIN the clubstargate social comm.
3. JOIN your team comm (see sidebar for link).
4. JOIN the landmods mod comm for team mods.

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