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News about Phase 8

We've had a fabulous run here, I have met some wonderful people and had some really good times. But like all good TV shows, there comes a time when things must end. So, it's with mixed emotions and a heavy heart that I announce that Phase 8 will be the final phase of stargateland

My ONLY goal in life between now and the end of Phase 8 is to make sure it's a wonderful phase for everyone.

Phase 8 schedule (dates are approximate)
Round 1 April 5 - 14
Round 2 April 15 - 24
Round 3 April 25 - May 4
Round 4 May 5 - 14

Please feel free to spread the word to former teammates and past participants. We'd love to have as many Stargate fans return for the final phase as possible. THIS PHASE IS GOING TO BE THE BEST PHASE!!

Join stargateland for the FINAL PHASE. Beginning April 1
FAQ | Join

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P.S. Please return to your regularly scheduled Phase 7 *cough*
And Good Luck, everyone!
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Name of Challenge: HIJACKED PART 2
Type of Contest: random
Further Details:
Hi, Vala here and I've re-taken control. Whew! Glad I'm in the right place now.
*cuddles the gate*

While I was on the other side of the wormhole in that crazy, technicolor reality; the nice folks, well everyone except that little green gremlin-y thing, gave me some lovely quotes. I thought we could dazzle them with how awesome they look wearing our faces.

In other words, we're going to take their quotes and place them on our images.

Choose a quote from this post and search for a Stargate screencap to go with it. Create a graphic containing both the Stargate image and the Farscape text. Any size is fine, graphics larger than 400x400 should be linked or use a thumbnail.

You don't have to worry about repeats here. You may reuse the same quotes as other people and may also only use PART of the quote if you want.

WANNA SEE WHAT farscape_land is doing with your quotes? GO HERE. There is also a TEAM STARGATELAND THREAD for anyone who wants to participate there for no extra points. :)

How to submit: Reply to your team thread with your graphics
Participation Points: 5 per graphic, up to 15 points + 1 sig tag/icon
Voting (Y/N): N
Sig Tag/Team Icon Points (Y/N): Y
Due Date/Time: Monday, February 6th @ 10pm EST
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[Farscape] don't talk just kiss

Challenge 11: Hijacked Part 1

Name of Challenge: Hijacked Part 1
Type of Contest: Random

Hi, I'm Aeryn Sun and I've taken over this challenge from the inferior human that was planning on doing... uh.... something else. I don't know what this 'Stargate' show is all about, so I'll need you to fill me in.

No, please don't talk to me in your own words. I'd rather have concrete examples.

Further Details: Submit 5 UNIQUE Stargate quotes. (which means you need to make sure no one else has suggested it :D)

How to submit: Reply to your team thread with your quotes.

Participation Points: 10
Voting (Y/N): N
Sig Tag/Team Icon Points (Y/N): Y
Due Date/Time: January, 28th 10pm EST
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Stargateland Culling [public announcement]

At this point, only those members who had signed up for the new format and new phase have access to the main community and ongoing challenges.

If you CANNOT see the RED ALERT post, it means you've been removed from the community as an inactive member who has no main team. Also, it means that you weren't on the spreadsheet that I posted several days ago and didn't say anything to us about staying. BUT IT'S OKAY!!! Just pop over to this post to sign up and we'll get you squared away.

For anyone new to stargateland, MEMBERSHIP IS ALWAYS OPEN!!

Check out our FAQ post and if interested, come on over and sign up to get assigned to a team!! :D
Team SGC

Join a Team!


stargateland currently has three teams: Team Military, Team Scientists, and Team Alien Allies. You may request a specific team when you apply, but whether you get it will depend on how balanced team membership is.

If you haven't already, please take a look at the FAQ & Rules, and then reply to this entry using the form below.

For name, please tell us what you prefer to be called. That can be your first name, a nickname, or your LJ handle.

Note: In order to be eligible for membership, your journal should be at least one month old and/or show signs of use.

Comments are screened. We'll get back to you soon!
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[public announcement]

Welcome to newbies and veterans alike to A NEW PHASE!!!!. I hope we can capitalize on the success of Phase 1 and have even more fun in Phase 2!!!!!

Random housekeeping stuff:
I've just updated the community membership in stargateland clubstargate and our team communities. If you feel you were removed in error, please let me know. :) For those who have been removed, you are more than welcome to reapply should you wish to join us again!

If you are merely watching this community please note that you need to be a member to see entries and participate. Please check out our FAQ (UPDATED!) and then go join a team! Please do not join the community until you've been assigned a team.

I think that's it. Let the games begin!

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Community Information, FAQ & Rules

Stargateland is a team community that is based off of the popular 'LAND' communities such as whedonland. There are three teams, TEAM ALIEN ALLIES, TEAM MILITARY & TEAM SCIENTISTS. You are encouraged to participate in activities from any/all Stargate shows and movies and are not limited to things that represent your team. You also do not need to be familiar with all three shows in order to participate.


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Still interested? Click here to JOIN A TEAM!
When asked for the password phrase, include a favorite stargate quote in your application. This shows that you've read the FAQ & Rules page. ;)

Gotta question? Just ask!! This post will be updated as necessary and comments are unscreened.