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Community Information, FAQ & Rules

Stargateland is a team community that is based off of the popular 'LAND' communities such as whedonland. There are three teams, TEAM ALIEN ALLIES, TEAM MILITARY & TEAM SCIENTISTS. You are encouraged to participate in activities from any/all Stargate shows and movies and are not limited to things that represent your team. You also do not need to be familiar with all three shows in order to participate.


Membership is currently OPEN although you DO need to apply before joining the community. At any given time there will always be something going on and new members can always dive right in! Teams will compete in phases and a winner is announced at the end of each phase. Then the counters all get set to zero and we start it all over again!

Phase 1: July - September
Phase 2: October - December
Phase 8 is the FINAL PHASE - it will be held April 1st through May 19th, 2012

what kind of things go on?
sig tags
our communities
who's running this thing?
general rules

Some challenges will be participation-only, others will involve voting (this will be outlined in the challenge itself). All entries to challenges must be newly made for the challenge and be kept anonymous for voting challenges until after the challenge is complete. Points will be allocated at the conclusion of the challenge and team points will be updated in the sidebar of the main comm. Missed a challenge? That's okay, there will be another one along shortly. Challenges are not extended because we want to make room for the next. We'll also periodically have challenges that don't really fit into the categories below, like team challenges.

Unless otherwise stated in the challenge itself, all challenges will have the following points available:

Graphics & Writing: usually run for a couple weeks
participation: 10
voting: 5
if applicable, winners will be awarded: 40, 30, 20 (1st, 2nd & 3rd place)

Musical Challenges (fanmix/fanvid): longer challenge, depending on complexity
participation: 25 fanvids will be worth 50
voting: 5
if applicable, winners will be awarded: 80, 60, 40 (1st, 2nd & 3rd place)

Puzzles & Games: usually a shorter challenge, one week or less
participation: 10 or more, depending on challenge

Social Activities & Gift Giving: random
determined at time of posting

What's a sig tag/team icon and why do I get an extra pont?
Sig tags or TEAM ICONS are a fun way of identifying yourself in any land community. They're mostly for fun and amusement and help YOU show off some of your favorite things about Stargate.
If a challenge outlines Sig Tag/Team Icon Points (Y/N): says 'Y', including a graphic (no larger than 300x150) which contains your name and your team name with your submission will qualify you for an extra point. Or simply post using an icon that displays your team name.
Details and examples can be found at our early sig tag challenge. If you've joined after the challenge, feel free to make your own and/or ask your teammates for one.
Images used for sigtags/team icons should be Stargate-related (can be via fandom concept like 'blue jello', etc.) or related thematically to your team (scientist, military, alien allies). They can also be text-only. Images from other fandoms should be avoided in sigtag/team icons.

This is our main base of operations, consider it akin to Stargate Command. All challenges will be posted here as well as rules, guides and other related community updates. In order to participate in the challenges, members will need to have joined this community.

sgl_allies sgl_military sgl_scientists
We have three team communities. Members will be assigned to a team upon the acceptance of their application. This is where you will socialize and strategize with your fellow teammates. You also have team leaders who are there to assist you with questions related to what goes on here. Members will not have access to all three unless they're an Ori spy or SGC commander (can you tell which is which?).

theteamsg1 | teamatlantis | teamuniverse
For the first 5 phases, these were the main member teams and remain a source of fannish fellowship for fans of the various Stargate series.

While I'm sure there'll be lots of socializing and bonding going on within the teams, this is the place to mix it up with members of other teams. I know it may surprise you, seeing as how there are so many awesome people on YOUR team, but there are really some awesome people on those OTHER teams as well. I swear!
This is also a place where members can share things they've made for challenges in stargateland. So, stop by, hang out and chat about ANYTHING - Stargate related or not.

Well, quite a few people, but I guess you mean me. :) I am colls, the main mod of the main community and apparently an evil Ori overlord, but don't believe everything TEAM SG1 tells you ;) If you have any question that you can't take to your team leader, please reach out to me. You can comment, PM or email me at starg8land@gmail.com

Co-Modly peeps at the main comm are:
colls & skieswideopen| main moderators and executive decision makers
everythingshiny, race_the_ace & agathons_fan | challenge host mods

Your Team Leaders are:
TEAM ALIEN ALLIES: everythingshiny & csichick_2
TEAM MILITARY: erinm_4600 & rinkafic
TEAM SCIENTIST: x_varda_x & alainia

FYI - If any mods at the main comm who do not have a team participate in a challenge (hey, we wanna have fun, too) any points earned will be allocated to the team in last place.

1) BE RESPECTFUL. If you wouldn't say it face-to-face, don't say it here. Not everyone is going to agree about characters, plots and the varying degrees of intelligence held by TPTB, but everyone IS going to be respectful of fellow participants here. Flaming or bashing will get you booted faster than Thor can beam you out of the SGC.

2) KEEP YOUR LANGUAGE CLEAN. LJ is open to anyone who's at least 13-years-old and so is this community. General challenge entries should remain PG-13. Any R or NC-17 material submitted for non-voting challenges must be labeled as such.

3) PARTICIPATE. In order to give all the teams a fighting chance, members must be willing to participate in at least one activity every two weeks. At the end of each month, mods will assist the hive ships in culling the herd. Members are welcome to reapply when they have more time to participate but they may or may not wind up on the same team.

4) SPAM ISN'T FREE. In fact, is costs $3.99 at my local supermarket. So, unless you're sending us all a meat-product sandwich, please don't pimp your communities, icons, etc here.

5) READ THE RULES. No points will be awarded to members who haven't followed the rules of a challenge. Time zones may vary depending on the challenge host, use timezonecheck or the world clock to convert to your own time. Challenges will not be extended.

6) SPOILER ALERT. In general, we'll have a 2 week (from air date in USA) spoiler policy. However, anything that requires voting cannot include material or spoilers for season 2 of Stargate Universe nor anything regarding the possible SG1 and SGA films.

7) GRAPHICS HOSTING. Anonymous hosting for voting challenges has typically been the norm in the past. While this is still preferred, members do not need to upload their entries to an anonymous hosting site unless the challenge specifically calls for it. Use of personal sites or personal hosting accounts is allowed (ie. your own photobucket account).

Still interested? Click here to JOIN A TEAM!
When asked for the password phrase, include a favorite stargate quote in your application. This shows that you've read the FAQ & Rules page. ;)

Gotta question? Just ask!! This post will be updated as necessary and comments are unscreened.
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  • Join a Team!

    STARGATELAND IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED AS OF MAY 20TH, 2012 stargateland currently has three teams: Team Military, Team

  • News about Phase 8

    We've had a fabulous run here, I have met some wonderful people and had some really good times. But like all good TV shows, there comes a time when…

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