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Challenge 11: Hijacked Part 1

Name of Challenge: Hijacked Part 1
Type of Contest: Random

Hi, I'm Aeryn Sun and I've taken over this challenge from the inferior human that was planning on doing... uh.... something else. I don't know what this 'Stargate' show is all about, so I'll need you to fill me in.

No, please don't talk to me in your own words. I'd rather have concrete examples.

Further Details: Submit 5 UNIQUE Stargate quotes. (which means you need to make sure no one else has suggested it :D)

How to submit: Reply to your team thread with your quotes.

Participation Points: 10
Voting (Y/N): N
Sig Tag/Team Icon Points (Y/N): Y
Due Date/Time: January, 28th 10pm EST
world clock | time zone check
Tags: challenge11, random challenge
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